How Does it Work? Watch QuotaFactory & Ambition Improve Motivated SDR Performance

Apr. 19

Bring Back SDR Accountability

We announced our partnership with Ambition during our Partner Week in March this year and have received a lot of positive feedback regarding the gamification and tracking abilities within the reporting tab of QuotaFactory’s PRM.

This comprehensive performance management platform adds tremendous value to our users, combining gamification, the best data analytics, and automated reporting that is aggregated right within our software. Customized dashboards can easily create both SPIF-style challenges and “Fantasy Football” style team competitions, to fire up your SDR team to increase motivation and opportunities for recognition. Not to mention, sales development managers have real-time access to performance metrics to help sales development reps stay on pace to reaching (or even exceeding) their quotas.

Below is a brief explanation video to better demonstrate the power of Ambition within our PRM:

How Does it Work? Watch QuotaFactory & Ambition Improve Motivated SDR Performance.

Peter Gracey

About Peter Gracey

Peter Gracey is the CEO and Co-Founder of QuotaFactory where he is responsible for company vision, growth and success, and servicing client and partner relationships while focusing on product management. He enjoys helping sales and marketing execs to streamline their prospecting process and surpass quota. Peter is also an Adjunct Professor of Sales and Marketing for the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Connect with Pete on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter to join in on sales development discussions and industry updates.