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Precision Software

QuotaFactory Reorganized Sales Process to Drive Net New Clients

Precision Software


Precision Software, a division of QAD Inc., provides an industry-leading transportation and global trade management software solution on a single, integrated platform.


The sales reps at Precision are closers, but their time was being taken up by a lengthy qualification process and administrative tasks. They needed to be freed up to do what they do best - sell - instead of qualifying outbound or web opportunities.


QuotaFactory has been working with Precision for 4 years to improve their process. The results of the collaborative effort are:

  • Web leads are now followed up within 10 minutes by a QF SDR.
  • QF platform allows Precision reps time to close more deals.
  • QF passed leads that yielded license and services revenue.

Before their partnership with QuotaFactory, Precision Software’s sales process was incohesive and fragmented, without a formal lead generation program in place. Leads were distributed solely based upon availability and there was no structure for web lead follow-up. There were no outbound prospecting campaigns.

Their main goal: to qualify leads earlier in the sales process without dedicating account exeutive resources. As Robert Clesi, VP Marketing & Partners, said, “I think that’s been the biggebenefit: freeing our sales team to load up their pipeline with qualified opportunities and lead them through the sales cycle to closing net new business.”

QuotaFactory worked collaboratively with Precision Software to redesign their sales process. Using QF’s platform and dedicated team specific vertical outbound and competitive prospecting campaigns have been implemented, leads from industry and partner events are followed up on, and QF is the primary point of contact for web leads. Now, web leads are contacted within 10 minutes.

Multiple deals have closed, yielding both license and services revenue and exceeding $500k in net new revenue as a result of the partnership with QuotaFactory.

One closed deal started out as a web lead, a QuotaFactory SDR followed up on it immediately; t he lead was qualified, sent through the sales process, and resulted in $145k in net new revenue. “Working with QuotaFactory we’ve seen a tremendous conversion on web leads,” said Clesi.

Another area that QuotaFactory has worked with Precision to enhance is better visibility and better granularity within certain areas in reporting. With both companies sharing closed-loop feedback, they work together to improve both inbound and outbound prospecting processes.

Through collaborative, transparent efforts, we've made process improvements and collectively put them in place with QuotaFactory. I would recommend QuotaFactory, absolutely.

Robert Clesi, CP Marketing & Partners