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Align Your Sales Team to Increase Appointments & Pipeline Conversion Velocity

Determine the 7 steps to booking sales appointments that actually happen to increase pipeline conversion velocity and mitigate lost sales opportunities. Use our bonus tips to overcome typical objections when scheduling or rescheduling meetings and learn what to do when a sales appointment is...

Why Your Sales Development Team Needs a Defined Sales Technology Stack

Evaluate these 5 technologies necessary to the success of your sales development strategy. A well-rounded tech stack offers the benefits of a complete sales playbook for your team, a more accurate measurement of ROI, the ability to easily scale in the future, and more.

5 Sales Voicemail Templates to Radically Improve Your Inbound and Outbound Sales Strategy

Make your voicemails more effective with these 5 templates and tips to increase your response rate, have more quality conversations, and further qualify prospects.

Account-Based Sales Development Playbook for Revenue-Driven Teams

Use this playbook to implement an account-based sales development strategy for your team. The end result is a higher number of fully qualified leads, an organized and streamlined sales process, a measurable and accurate forecast, and improved brand reputation.

Continuous Training and Education Workbook for Sales Management Part Three: Running an Effective Mock Dial & Call Shadow Session

Monitor and evaluate your sales development rep’s performance through call shadowing and mock dialing sessions. Use these worksheets to assess confidence, technique, cadence and more.

Continuous Training and Education Workbook for Sales Management Part Two: Implementing a Mentor Program

Implement a mentor program for your sales development team to enhance training and productivity. Download these checklists and worksheets to get started right away.

Continuous Training and Education Workbook for Sales Management Part One: Key Performance Indicators for Sales

Identify and track the right key performance indicators for sales development success, monitor SDR advancement, and clarify responsibilities with these checklists and worksheets for sales managers.

10 Sales Email Templates to Revolutionize Your Messaging Strategy

Incorporate these 10 sales email templates into various stages of your sales process to facilitate more meaningful sales conversations on the phone. No matter what stage your prospect is at in your sales funnel, there is particular messaging that will resonate best.

4 Problems Holding Back Your Sales Development Output

Uncover the 4 main sales development output challenges in this eBook written in conjunction with The Bridge Group, Inc. The quicker you course correct your process, the more predictable, scalable, and profitable your sales development output will be.

The Optimal Marketing and Sales Process for Sales Acceleration

Improve the fluidity of your business procedures in order to spur sales acceleration by implementing QuotaFactory’s optimal sales and marketing process for B2B organizations, including 10 phases your ideal customer will follow.

Sales Best Practices for Prospecting Inbound Leads

Convert inbound MQLs to sales with this guide that includes tactical advice on modifying your outbound sales strategy for inbound, including an example of an inbound call plan, and powerful tips your sales development team can act on now.

The Sales Development Messaging Toolkit

Boost your sales development team’s email prospecting, voicemail prospecting and social selling strategies with this comprehensive toolkit that includes messaging templates, analytics advice, and QuotaFactory’s best practices.

Aligned Lead Nurturing for B2B Sales and Marketing Executives

Develop effective lead nurturing campaigns by aligning sales and marketing with this thorough guide that includes Salesforce tips, strategies for marketing to maximize campaigns and methods for sales to make the most of their MQLs.

How to Build a Sales Enablement Process in Your Business

Define sales enablement’s role in your organization in order to maximize profit and integrate tools into the sales process with this handbook that includes KPIs to track, a worksheet to complete, and a new definition of sales enablement.

How to Maximize ROI by Outsourcing Your Sales Development Process

Learn how outsourcing your sales development process can accelerate sales with this complementary resource that includes benefits to outsourcing, helpful questions to ask business partners in consideration, and relationship management advice.

SaaS Inside Sales Report (The Bridge Group, Inc.)

Build out your SaaS inside sales strategy with this metrics and compensation report by The Bridge Group, Inc. that examines 342 B2B technology companies’ approach to group structure, ramp time, quota, activity, and more.

The Outbound Index #4

Benchmark your team’s outbound prospecting efforts with this report by The Bridge Group Inc. and QuotaFactory that provides a unique analysis of B2B sales prospecting in the high tech sector, with insights by industry and job function.

Cracking the Sales Enablement Code with Sales Data

Sales expert, trainer and author, Jason Jordan, along with Quota Factory CEO, Pete Gracey, and John Kosturos of RingLead, come together to define sales enablement, as well as key sales enablement KPIs. Then, they dive into the importance of data and sales success.

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