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HG Data

QuotaFactory uses PRM to reorganize sales & save reps' selling time.

HG Data


HG Data’s technology has a very large user base, and as a result, created challenges for their sales reps trying to understand who their target universe is.


HG Data is the global leader in competitive intelligence of installed technologies.


QuotaFactory has been providing HG Data with outsourced sales development since October of 2015, providing accurate insight into who the decision makers are within their target accounts. The results have been the following:

  • Leads: QuotaFactory SDRs have been averaging 4-5 qualified leads and appointments for HG Data’s closing reps per week using the QuotaFactory PRM platform.

  • Connects/Conversations: QuotaFactory SDRs average 49 sales quality conversations per week, where at least one qualifying question is answered. When our SDRs moved their outbound prospecting efforts from a CRM to the QuotaFactory platform, the number of average sales quality conversations improved from 27.5 to 49 per week.

  • Database Management: Using the QuotaFactory platform has allowed SDRs more time to take advantage of InsideView’s functionalities and perform LinkedIn research to add an average of 120 net new contacts to their database on a weekly basis. This number has improved exponentially compared to averaging only 23 net new contacts per week when the target database had yet to be refined.

  • Sales Time Management: QuotaFactory has allowed HG Data’s field reps to focus their time on more valuable tasks such as their opportunity pipeline, rather than having to waste selling time navigating through unqualified leads.

HG Data was running into challenges identifying key decision makers while prospecting and sought out QuotaFactory’s help to refine their sales development process. Their Installed Technologies Intelligence tool is useful to multiple people throughout an organization, so the obstacle became identifying which titles are able to see the value in the tool and are interested in having a discussion with a sales rep to learn more. The next step of refinement was distinguishing who out of these interested titles would be the ultimate decision maker.

Having a thorough understanding of these contacts and their responsibilities is important when launching a highly tailored and targeted prospecting approach.

HG Data reps were also having difficulties relying on their CRM to keep track of their outbound prospecting activities. As a result, they were experiencing roadblocks due to the lack of automation within the leads tab and the inability to keep prospecting activities organized.

This complication created time consuming inefficiencies for their reps that hindered their ability to keep their outbound prospecting plan organized and ultimately, took time away from hitting their numbers.

Through the use of QuotaFactory’s outsourced services and PRM software, sales development reps successfully identified the appropriate contacts for HG Data’s outside sales reps to initiate conversations and also identified the correct decision maker within those targeted departments.

Being able to increase the amount of appropriate net new contacts from 23 to 120 per week for HG Data made a significant impact in the success of their prospecting efforts.

Using the PRM software, SDRs are able to aggregate those contacts, organize, track, and automate their entire outbound sales process for HG Data. As a result of their engagement with QuotaFactory, HG Data has organized and revolutionized their contact and list prioritization, and implemented a sound account-based sales development strategy.

QuotaFactory provides the rare combination of fiscal efficiency and operational effectiveness. You know the old saying ‘pick 2 of 3 - fast, cheap or good?’ Well, QuotaFactory proves that saying wrong. HG Data gets significantly better results dollar for dollar than what we could have delivered internally. QuotaFactory truly provides top of the funnel demand gen; our relationship is a classic win-win as to why you choose an outsourced partner.

Mark Godley, CRO HG Data