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The Secret to B2B Sales – Identifying your Prospect’s Pain Points

Jan. 24

As a VP of Sales you’ve probably encountered this situation before. You’ve got a nice healthy amount of meetings at the top of your funnel and you have capable field reps there to take those meeting and transition them to... Read More »

The Importance of Communication in Sales Management

Aug. 31

Everyone knows that a strong company culture and a successful business stem from relationships that are built and maintained throughout the workplace. In order for any team to be successful, there needs to be effective communication across all levels of... Read More »

Account-Based Sales Development Key Performance Indicators to Benchmark Success

Jul. 22

When implementing and launching an account-based sales development strategy, there are a variety of key metrics that will need to be reviewed and altered if you have previously been taking a contact-based selling approach. These metrics will cover total outbound dials, follow-ups, power dialing sessions, new contacts needed and fresh accounts to review.

Jump-Start Your Marketing and Sales Response Rates with This Tried and True Formula

Jul. 20

It may be summer, but that doesn't mean good marketers don't have math homework. Of all the formulas and equations floating around out there, perhaps none is so important or so mysterious as the equation for greater response rates. As it turns out, the equation is known, and it isn't terribly complicated; it just takes some proper planning. We break it down below, and as always, we show our work. Pencils out, because this is study hall.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All! Book Sales Appointments that Actually Happen

Jul. 19

That’s it, you’ve done it! You’ve been honing your account-based selling approach and dedicating your time to a customized messaging strategy that has allowed you to qualify the target account that you’ve been working so hard on. You have all of the information you need in order to pass along this great opportunity to your closing sales rep. Now, all you have to do is set that first appointment for the next step.

It’s Time to Transform Your Account-Based Sales Prospecting Process and It Starts with Data

Jul. 14

The whole point of account-based sales is to focus your efforts on a relatively small number of high-value accounts that have the greatest potential impact on your bottom line. That's why the most important piece of the account-based sales model is to select the right target accounts.

The Formula for Hiring Sales Development Reps That Are Successful

Jul. 13

Whether it’s in an interview with a prospective hire or just chatting with fellow sales managers, the question of “what are the main traits your most successful reps embody?” comes up again and again. After having had ample opportunity to think about this, I’ve arrived at four core characteristics our best SDRs embody.

Summer Vacation Mode? How to Achieve Sales Success Before and After Vacation

Jul. 8

As the temperature continues to rise, schools let out for the summer, and family vacations begin, it is essential that salespeople prepare in advance for any time off they plan to take. A one or two week vacation can be relaxing, but if you don’t prepare for both before and after your vacation from work, not only will you have a headache upon your return (and possibly during your vacation) but you may have left some sales opportunities hanging in limbo with the potential to be lost.

Persistence With Purpose: What is Your Sales Prospecting Cadence?

Jul. 6

While it may be true that “good things come to those who wait,” it is more true that in sales better things happen to those who make things happen. Making things happen involves effort in a number of ways, one being persistence, the ability and – willingness – to take the game to the buyer.

4 Quick Sales Tips to Meet and Exceed Your Quota This Month

Jul. 1

Sales development reps have a choice: They can complain about “crappy lists,” or they can be smart and use these sales tips to hit quota every time.

Launching Your Account-Based Sales Development Strategy [eBook Part II]

Jun. 30

Since launching our Account-Based Sales Development Playbook for Revenue-Driven Teams Part I with PersistIQ, we’ve received an overwhelming amount of feedback regarding the various stages that other sales and marketing professionals are at in terms of building their own account-based sales development (ABSD) strategy.

Sales Development is a Game of Professional Football

Jun. 27

McKenzie Ingram, one of Act-On’s marketing journalists, sat down with Luke Smith, Act-On Regional Sales Director & Area Leader in the Portland office, to discuss his experience leading a sales team at one of the fastest growing companies in America. Luke has climbed the ranks within Act-On and is recognized as a leader in the SaaS sales space.

Using Sales Enablement to Scale Sales Output and Drive Revenue Growth

Jun. 17

By now, we’ve all heard the stat that buyers are roughly 60% along in their journey before ever speaking with a sales rep. Due to many factors -- like the democratization of information, influence of social media, and increased access to technology -- buyers are at a major advantage.

Is Sales Training the Answer to Sales Enablement?

Jun. 10

When I look back over the past year or two the one thing that jumps out at me as something I could have and should have done sooner is formal training. I think we can all agree, champions become champions through practice, execution, training, and focus. The thing is, without a formal training program, there is nothing to practice, focus on, or execute against.

Avoid Failure with This Formula for Setting Successful Sales Goals

Jun. 8

Everybody has sales goals. Some are set by our companies and some we set ourselves. For many sales reps, it wouldn't be January without either a new sales quota or a new personal objective for the year ahead. If I had to guess, I'd be willing to bet that we all want to achieve more this year, right?

Cross-Training Your Outsourced Sales Team to Drive Revenue and Customer Success

Jun. 6

There are many different and often unforeseen situations that could cause yourself or a member of your team to be absent from work for a day or more. In the business world this can cause some added stress, but in the services industry it becomes critical to make the necessary adjustments to maintain contractual obligations and backfill absences.