Category: Sales Development

Outside Sales and Business Development – Be Best Friends

Sep. 13

Do you have reps who prospect on the phone and qualify before handing over to a team of more seasoned reps who close the sale? If this is your sales model then you probably work hard to align both teams... Read More »

Revamping Your Email Marketing Strategy for 2017 – Part 2

Feb. 16

In our previous post we discussed the basics for giving your email marketing strategy a makeover this year. We examined list segmentation, personalization, and mobile readiness: three very important spheres of email marketing. There are still a couple pieces of... Read More »

The Secret to B2B Sales – Identifying your Prospect’s Pain Points

Jan. 24

As a VP of Sales you’ve probably encountered this situation before. You’ve got a nice healthy amount of meetings at the top of your funnel and you have capable field reps there to take those meeting and transition them to... Read More »

Getting Your Schedule Organized as an SDR

Nov. 9

If you don’t schedule your life, your life will schedule you. If you are not scheduling your life, then you will not be able to control the amount of focus that you are putting into each day. There are so many... Read More »

6 Sales Performance Metrics That Matter Most for an Inside Sales Team

Nov. 2

Are you managing a team of sales reps? Are they failing to jump on the phone and make calls? If yes, what does the phone mean to them? It’s no secret that a debate exists among many sales managers on... Read More »

Best Practices For Passing Over BANT Qualified Leads

Oct. 26

If you follow our Sales Wars blog, you’ll probably recognize the term BANT in reference to the lead qualification process. The sales term “BANT qualified lead” is important in any client-based organization, no matter the size or industry.  When it comes down... Read More »

Uncover the Secret to Sales Success With These 3 Tools

Oct. 19

Sales success is crucial. Without it, a company can easily fall apart and collapse right at your feet. This is why it is important to be aware of anything that can increase your sales success. If you want to find... Read More »

5 Signs It’s Time to Switch Up Your Messaging Strategy

Oct. 12

There comes a time when even the most seasoned sales development reps should consider changing up their messaging strategy. Even if a particular messaging strategy proves to be efficient, there is always room for improvement. How do you know when... Read More »

How to Transition From a Lead-Based to an Account-Based Everything Approach

Sep. 14

Transitioning from a lead-based marketing strategy to an account-based approach makes good business sense, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy! A successful transition not only requires good planning and resources, but also an experienced staff of marketers who... Read More »

Who Should Own Sales Development: Sales or Marketing?

Sep. 7

Why can’t sales and marketing just get along?  It would be in everyone’s best interest if we could all just sit down, sing Kumbaya, and share our peace pipe! When you drill down into the complexities of each of their... Read More »

The Importance of Communication in Sales Management

Aug. 31

Everyone knows that a strong company culture and a successful business stem from relationships that are built and maintained throughout the workplace. In order for any team to be successful, there needs to be effective communication across all levels of... Read More »

The Formula for Conquering a Target Account

Aug. 24

Sales development reps must have a clear, concrete plan of action when it comes to conquering the jungle that is account-based prospecting. It may be an SDR’s natural instinct to want to reach out to as many relevant contacts as... Read More »

It’s Not All About the C-Suite: Why SDRs Should Prospect Multiple Levels Within An Organization

Aug. 10

Anyone working in client-based outsourced lead gen knows this conversation all too well: Vendor: Can you give me an idea of what profile you are looking for in regards to contact data procurement? Client: We ONLY want to talk to folks... Read More »