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Revamping Your Email Marketing Strategy for 2017 – Part 2

Feb. 16

In our previous post we discussed the basics for giving your email marketing strategy a makeover this year. We examined list segmentation, personalization, and mobile readiness: three very important spheres of email marketing. There are still a couple pieces of... Read More »

Revamping Your Email Marketing Strategy for 2017 – Part 1

Feb. 2

Over 200 billion emails are sent each day[1]. 200 BILLION – a day! Think about how many emails you get in a 24 hour period. Now think about how many you just automatically delete without reading. Probably way more than... Read More »

Going Above and Beyond With Your Email Marketing [Part 2]

Oct. 5

Previously on Sales Wars: Part 1 of our two part series “Going Above and Beyond With Your Email Marketing” emphasized the importance of personalizing and maximizing one’s email marketing strategy. This week—sales Jedi Matt Banner returns to share how this new... Read More »

Going Above and Beyond With Your Email Marketing [Part 1]

Sep. 28

Think back to the last time you sent an email, or even better, the last time you read one. It was pretty recent, wasn’t it? And yet, people keep trying to say that email marketing is dead. Here’s the Deal: Email... Read More »

How to Transition From a Lead-Based to an Account-Based Everything Approach

Sep. 14

Transitioning from a lead-based marketing strategy to an account-based approach makes good business sense, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy! A successful transition not only requires good planning and resources, but also an experienced staff of marketers who... Read More »

Jump-Start Your Marketing and Sales Response Rates with This Tried and True Formula

Jul. 20

It may be summer, but that doesn't mean good marketers don't have math homework. Of all the formulas and equations floating around out there, perhaps none is so important or so mysterious as the equation for greater response rates. As it turns out, the equation is known, and it isn't terribly complicated; it just takes some proper planning. We break it down below, and as always, we show our work. Pencils out, because this is study hall.

Summer Vacation Mode? How to Achieve Sales Success Before and After Vacation

Jul. 8

As the temperature continues to rise, schools let out for the summer, and family vacations begin, it is essential that salespeople prepare in advance for any time off they plan to take. A one or two week vacation can be relaxing, but if you don’t prepare for both before and after your vacation from work, not only will you have a headache upon your return (and possibly during your vacation) but you may have left some sales opportunities hanging in limbo with the potential to be lost.

Launching Your Account-Based Sales Development Strategy [eBook Part II]

Jun. 30

Since launching our Account-Based Sales Development Playbook for Revenue-Driven Teams Part I with PersistIQ, we’ve received an overwhelming amount of feedback regarding the various stages that other sales and marketing professionals are at in terms of building their own account-based sales development (ABSD) strategy.

The Right Sales Messaging Templates Will Boost Your Sales Team’s Connect Rate

Jun. 20

It has been a time of information overload for many, and much of that overload includes a large number of poorly written emails. I can't even count how many emails I receive on a daily basis, let alone the ones that are sales-based and far from customized.

Best Practices to Deliver More MQLs into Your Sales Funnel

May. 25

At the end of the day, marketing departments exist for one reason and one reason only: to deliver marketing qualified leads (MQLs), which in turn should become more converted sales. This is no revelation, and is Day One stuff in Marketing 101. Actually executing on this principle is a slightly more complex proposition.

Only Half of Your Web Inquiries Are Leads – A Study on Lead Validation

May. 18

What is lead validation? In Internet marketing, lead validation is the process of separating sales leads from other phone and form inquiries generated from the company website. As the following presentation indicates, on average, about half of a company’s website inquiries are not leads. Instead, they are things such as spam, personal phone calls, sales solicitations and customer service inquiries.

Aligning Marketing and The Sales Development Hub: QuotaFactory Partners with Campaign Stars

May. 2

The greatest engine in the world is just a block of iron without fuel. The most powerful computer still needs electricity, and the most accurate rifle still needs ammunition. This is why a Content as a Service (CaaS) model is becoming an increasingly popular and attractive option for demand generation.

Sales Development Technology Still Needs a Human Touch

Mar. 23

Just building an online presence will not make you a great salesperson The great temptation of social selling is to be everywhere at once, but as the Sufi poet Rumi said, “If you are everywhere, you are nowhere.” The idea that one can actually seek friend[ship] and link[age] with everyone on the planet is really quite tantalizing. Do not be seduced. Manage relationships online as you would offline.

You’ve Got (Less) Mail: 3 Sales Productivity Solutions to Reduce Email Overload

Mar. 9

I hate email. It’s invasive, asynchronous and inefficient. Yet I find myself using it every day, connected to it at all hours, patiently waiting for that reassuring ding when I get a new message. Is this some weird form of Stockholm syndrome? Not exactly.

Powering The Sales Development Hub: QuotaFactory Partners with Bedrock Data

Mar. 7

15 years. 400+ outsourced sales development engagements, and billions of dollars in pipeline added. Sh!t, that's a lot of business and our clients are cranking. 400+ times we’ve designed sales development messaging, databases, call plans, hand off cadence, and reports. Not sure if you’ve been aware, but we have been hard at work for you for the past 15 years. It’s been fun, and now it's time for you to reap the benefits.

Autopilot, Marketing & Sales Emails, Succulents, and Good Deeds. Start Crafting Better Emails.

Feb. 26

Let's start this off with an analogy. You're driving to work and it's a usual Wednesday morning - middle of the week, a little tired because it's still morning, you adjust your playlist, you take your usual route to work and BAM - you're at work. But you don't really remember or recall the drive there. Clearly (or at least I hope), you didn't run any red lights because you would have stopped, but you can't recall all of the lights you passed because you were simply on auto-pilot.

10 Email Templates to Revolutionize Your Sales Messaging Strategy

Jan. 14

Can you relate? It’s 9 a.m. and you’re sitting at your desk in the morning with a cup of coffee. After booting up your computer, the first program you open is your email. A plethora of emails have arrived since yesterday, but you just want a clean inbox. Delete, delete, delete…