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Account-Based Sales Development Key Performance Indicators to Benchmark Success

Jul. 22

When implementing and launching an account-based sales development strategy, there are a variety of key metrics that will need to be reviewed and altered if you have previously been taking a contact-based selling approach. These metrics will cover total outbound dials, follow-ups, power dialing sessions, new contacts needed and fresh accounts to review.

Jump-Start Your Marketing and Sales Response Rates with This Tried and True Formula

Jul. 20

It may be summer, but that doesn't mean good marketers don't have math homework. Of all the formulas and equations floating around out there, perhaps none is so important or so mysterious as the equation for greater response rates. As it turns out, the equation is known, and it isn't terribly complicated; it just takes some proper planning. We break it down below, and as always, we show our work. Pencils out, because this is study hall.

It’s Time to Transform Your Account-Based Sales Prospecting Process and It Starts with Data

Jul. 14

The whole point of account-based sales is to focus your efforts on a relatively small number of high-value accounts that have the greatest potential impact on your bottom line. That's why the most important piece of the account-based sales model is to select the right target accounts.

Results Are In! 2016 Sales and Marketing Benchmark Study

Jul. 11

During the month of April, QuotaFactory and The Marketing Advisory Network set out to survey the sales and marketing landscape to benchmark how far collaboration has come between the two departments and ultimately how aligned the two departments are in 2016.

Use Innovative Applications to Build Your Data Driven Strategy [Webinar Recap]

Jun. 24

QuotaFactory’s Co-Founder and CEO, Peter Gracey, participated in a webinar hosted by InsideView called “Building Innovative Applications” joined by Aldo Zanoni of Riva. Below we put together some highlights and key takeaways from the webinar in order to share relevant industry findings and spark more conversation in the sales and marketing technology community.

5 Digital Must-Dos to Align B2B Sales & Marketing for Better Business in 2016 [Infographic]

Jun. 15

Digital marketing is both an art and a science. Marketing is an art, but the science behind its strategies determines conversions and closes. This is especially true in the B2B sector, where the target is high-level professionals who have their company’s bottom line on the line. While the rise of digital has opened many opportunities to connect with the B2B market, the number of digital options can make it hard to determine which tactics are the most promising.

Marketing and Sales Technology Can’t Make Data-Backed Decisions Without You

Jun. 13

In today's sales and marketing world I cannot tell you how many times a day I read data-driven, big data, best-in-class analytics, data backed decisions, and more data and analytical terms positioned in every which way.

The Driving Force Behind Successful Sales Development Software

May. 27

Below is an excerpt from the transcript of SLMA Radio on the SLMA Live Network hosted by Jim Obermeyer and featuring QuotaFactory’s CEO and Co-Founder, Peter Gracey. You can access the full radio program that aired on January 19th, 2016 here. The following excerpt is part three of three parts of the radio program titled: “How to get a 60% Increase in Conversions to Forecast!” Enjoy! And, as always, please share your thoughts or questions in the comments section below.

Only Half of Your Web Inquiries Are Leads – A Study on Lead Validation

May. 18

What is lead validation? In Internet marketing, lead validation is the process of separating sales leads from other phone and form inquiries generated from the company website. As the following presentation indicates, on average, about half of a company’s website inquiries are not leads. Instead, they are things such as spam, personal phone calls, sales solicitations and customer service inquiries.

How Does it Work? Watch QuotaFactory & InsideView Fuel the Sales Development Hub

Apr. 22

You may have seen our first announcement launching the details of our partnership with InsideView in September 2015 and maybe even followed along to read our latest update during our partner week in March. Regardless, we’re excited to share with you just how we’ve teamed up with InsideView to bring database management best practices to the fingertips of your sales development reps.

How Does it Work? Watch QuotaFactory & HG Data Provide a Competitive Prospecting Edge

Apr. 18

During the launch of our Partner Week in March, we announced our partnership with HG Data. Their Installed Technologies Intelligence tool gives sales reps the ammo to have more meaningful, targeted conversations, narrow their pitch to points of differentiation and in general, maintain a more relevant dialogue within their market.

Transform Any Cold Call with the Right Pre-Call Research

Mar. 28

One of the most difficult aspects of sales development in the business world today is the notion of cold-calling. The truth is, our prospects get countless emails and calls everyday that scream “generic.” As I became more experienced in a sales development role, I started practicing new ways to minimize the “cold call atmosphere” and stand out to prospects. The most effective way to achieve this is through the Linkedin Sales Navigator tool.

Providing The Sales Development Hub Its Competitive Edge: QuotaFactory Partners with HG Data

Mar. 11

It’s entirely possible I invented that prospecting intro format. For that I am truly sorry. I had the best intent when doing so and for a time it worked really well for me. That was 15 years ago. It’s safe to say that it’s not really working too well for people today.

Powering The Sales Development Hub: QuotaFactory Partners with Bedrock Data

Mar. 7

15 years. 400+ outsourced sales development engagements, and billions of dollars in pipeline added. Sh!t, that's a lot of business and our clients are cranking. 400+ times we’ve designed sales development messaging, databases, call plans, hand off cadence, and reports. Not sure if you’ve been aware, but we have been hard at work for you for the past 15 years. It’s been fun, and now it's time for you to reap the benefits.

Predictive Lead Scoring – Restoring the Promise of “Less Crappy Leads”

Mar. 2

Ahh, the “Demand Waterfall”. Otherwise known as “The Funnel,” this framework introduced by the research and advisory firm SiriusDecisions defines a shared view between marketing and sales of the lead management process. Though many of us many have various versions of the funnel defined within each of our organizations, here’s the official and most updated version of the SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall.

Find B2B Sales Prospects That Are More Likely To Do Business with You

Jan. 20

It’s excruciatingly difficult to separate good prospects from the tire-kickers. Yet this is a process that must be done to ensure that we can serve those that best deserve our most precious resource – our time. Experienced sales professionals will rightly point out that it takes time to do this well.

Accurate Data Sources are Imperative to Successful Prospecting [Infographic]

Nov. 27

At QuotaFactory, we measured how data sources directly impact sales conversations and conversions in "A Tale of Two Data Sources" infographic.