Account-Based Sales Development Playbook for Revenue-Driven Teams Part II

Since launching our Account-Based Sales Development Playbook for Revenue-Driven Teams Part I with PersistIQ, we’ve received an overwhelming amount of feedback regarding the various stages that other sales and marketing professionals are at in terms of building their own account-based sales development (ABSD) strategy. We’ve listened to the challenges and the successes, and in doing so, we’ve uncovered even more questions. In this edition, we hope to answer some of those additional questions around executing on an account-based sales development strategy.

What will you learn in Part II of the Account-Based Sales Development Playbook?

-The data types needed to gather and build intelligence for target accounts.

-How to map an organization and segment named accounts for customized messaging success.

-Unique strategies for building your account-based messaging strategy.

-The best tips for determining the timing and cadence of your prospecting campaign.

-How to test, analyze, and improve your account-based sales development process.

-…and much more!

To access this playbook, simply fill out the form on this page. Launch your ABSD strategy and watch your sales and marketing teams align and revenue grow!